Hue Shift Afghan is Getting Close!

My almost-finished afghan!

Close: As in, maybe 6 months from now I’ll be done. But when I think about all the progress I’ve made, and how beautiful it looks, I swoon. I love this so much, from the yarn to the pattern to the fact that I got the kit for $25 on Knitpicks 😀

Just had to gush. There’s not much going on for me knit-wise, I’m just plugging along at this.

Also, can you believe it’s been FOUR YEARS since I bought this kit online? I had to go look up the post. But it’s true… 4 years!

FO: Fall Foliage Washcloths

3 washcloths in a varigated yellow, pink, and orange

How sad and lame are washcloths? They’re nothing to brag about, but I feel really satisfied whenever I make a set. They’re not fancy, but they’re so useful and I can’t imagine life without them. I mean, not these particular washcloths. Knit washcloths in general.

There’s also something really satisfying from memorizing a pattern so completely that when you go to make it once every 2 years or so you don’t even have to google it. You can just pull it out of your head and go to town.

A final satisfying thing for this post: being able to put things on top of your sleeping cat and have him stare at you, mildly annoyed, until he closes his eyes and accepts his new life.

This is my final submission to Dee’s Fall KAL. Make sure to check out the other projects that folks have been making. Happy Fall!

The look on JT's face just says "This is my life now"


How I feel in photos

Here it is:

NaNoWriMo has been going poorly. I’m at a point where I need about 2000 words a day to finish on time. I didn’t write at all yesterday, instead I came home and played Undertale until Dan feel asleep and then lay in bed unable to sleep because of the guilt that I played video games instead of doing the writing challenge I said I was going to do.

Also contributing to the general feeling of garbageness is the fact that we have been SO BUSY this week. I went to a conference and spoke. I saw a lot of people and it was great, but it left me really tired. Then, we looked at a condo. Like, to actually for real buy look, not just the usual “what’s on zillow HAHA we’re poor.” Then, we decided we were too poor to even buy that condo. We could have done it, but it would have wiped out our savings and so the hours spent researching the condo, looking at the rules, and touring the condo were a waste of time. And we wasted the realtor’s time. All of our activities this week have meant that I haven’t had the time to do laundry or clean, let alone write. And cooking? That’s right out. My memory is hazy, but I’m pretty sure I had a root beer and half a frozen taquito for dinner last night. Dan ate the rest of the box.

So, today and tomorrow I’m going to try to get out of this pit of guilt that I have, and I guess the first step is writing about it on my blog? I feel very self concious about even posting it, but I feel a lot better so maybe I eventually will.

I HAVE been keeping up on knitting something every day. It’s been dishcloths, because Dan wants more dishcloths and I live to serve. I’m making them with some hand dyed cotton that a friend gave me. Trying not to feel guilty about making dishcloths with hand dyed cotton yarn. I think that makes me some level of snob, but I’m not sure what. Like, these dishcloths are going to be nicer yarn than some socks that I have. Ugh. This needs to stop.

FO: Farm to Market Mitts

Single glove

My Farm to Market Fingerless Mitts have flown off my needles! It is such an easy pattern. Even the cabling is deceptively easy. Now that I’m done, I’m happy that I sized down, but my fiddling with the pattern has given me cabling that’s off-centered 🙁

Overall, I’m not too unhappy with them, and I have enough of the skein to make another set. So, I could try again if I was so inclined. It’s kind of funny – I probably never would have made this if it weren’t for the Farm challenge in the Habitica knitting & crocheting guild. But I really like the pattern, despite the fact it didn’t fit me. Maybe the next iteration will be better.

In general, knitting not really going to happen with NaNoWriMo next month. I have a plan for my novel and am really excited to write! My last novel… well, let’s say the beta readers gave me a lot to work on. I definitely think it’s salvageable, but it needs a lot of work. So I’m going to write another, and then come back to the first one and do some editing. A lot of editing.

On more important matters – JT the cat only has a few more days until his stitches come out and he’s free of the cone of shame. He has been miserable about every moment of his life, so Dan and I can’t wait for the vet’s ok for him to go outside!

JT the cat getting cuddles from Dan

Farm to Market Gloves and Sad Cat Photos

I’ve finally hit my stride on my latest WIP, Farm to Market Mitts. They are such a nice pattern, but honestly I have a bit of regret paying for it because they were so big on me that I’ve had to modify, which I have no problem doing but on a paid pattern… it just annoys me a little.

A photo of my modified farm to market mitts.

For the yarn, I’m using one skein of Lana D’Oro that has a great story behind it. Back in college, I was much hungrier for yarn than I am now (which makes sense, I knit a lot more and had more disposable income because I wasn’t paying  $3500/month in student loans) and would gladly take yarn from anyone, despite the color, usefulness, or cleanliness. By my logic, if I didn’t like the yarn I could always donate it to Hooks and Needles, which also needed lots of yarn since well-intentioned fibercraft students were always making off with it.

So, one weekend after a yarn crawl through the city of Rochester, my friend Ash got a call that she won a gift box! So, we picked it up, and in exchange she told me that I could have any of the yarn in the box that she didn’t want. That’s how I got several single skeins of Lana D’Oro in colorways that don’t go together at all.

(Spoiler alert: I ended up getting almost all the yarn that she won that day when we graduated, as she was moving and didn’t want to take any yarn that she didn’t have a plan for.)

Anyway, here is the sad cat photo promised by the title. JT got a bad cut on his paw and had to have surgery. He also has to stay inside until the sutures come out, which will happen 12 days from now. Twelve days is like a lifetime for him, so he’s been letting us know every second that he wants to go out.

If we give him attention, he’ll be fine – but hands must be on him. If he falls asleep on my lap while I’m watching Netflix and I move him so I can get up to go to the bathroom… he will run to find me and meow at me, probably to tell me how upset he is that I left him in his moments of need.

Nutkin Socks Completed

Dan is in Asia for the week, so I’m taking lots of time to knit and relish being alone. Honestly, I do miss him, but it’s kind of fun to not have to worry about him. I’ve been getting a lot of chores done around the house. Stuff that I was waiting on him to do, but gave up 😉

So, this also means lots of knitting time! Which means, a finished pair of socks!

The leg is just a little tight, which isn’t uncomfortable but makes me a little worried about how well the socks will wear. For now I really don’t mind.

Close-up of heel

I also really like the look of this heel. Shortrow heels fit me really well, so I may be doing them like this from now on.

As for the toe… I could take it or leave it. I didn’t really like kitchnering the stitches together at the end, so if I made this again I will probably just do a classic decrease heel.

I’m also a little at a loss for my next project. I wanted to do these socks for Dan, but I just realized they are DK and I don’t have the right yarn 🙁 So I might cast on just a plain stockinette stitch stress sock. I have been feeling very stressed lately, with my office moving to a new building, some editing obligations I’ve committed to being WAY more work than I thought they would be, and with Dan gone there’s no one to help with household chores. It’s funny how you get used to someone else doing the dishes/grocery shopping/etc with you and when they leave everything suddenly becomes lonely.

My new commute is a real drag. It takes about 20 more minutes to get into work, and without Dan in the car to hang out with the ride is really lonely. I’ve started leaving the house around 6AM to try to avoid traffic. I can typically save at least 10 minutes but it’s a real blow to morale to not be able to have an easy morning.

On the plus side, I’ve seen some great sunrises this week.


Oh, last thing – these socks are part of the I Love Fall KAL hosted by Dee at Pointy Little Sticks. Make sure to check out the other knit along-ers there!

Nutkin Socks: One Sock Down!

My knitting has been going very slowly lately. My hands just ache from the heat and humid weather, and all the bad ergonomics in my work stations (I’m moving my office and have not been very good about my posture while typing on my laptop between homes!)


BUT, I managed to finish up my first Nutkin Sock last night while I watched TV.

I also cast on the stitches for sock number two, but didn’t join them because it felt like too much work and my fingers ached from kitchnering the toe stitches together. I want both socks on this pair to be identical, but after that I’m ok never doing these short row tows again.

JT’s face says it all.


These socks are part of Dee’s Fall KAL. Make sure to check out the other projects that folks have been making. Happy Fall!